Oct 01 2012
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TIme for SA2 release on PSN?

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Hey everybody. Just wondering what time Sonic Adventure 2 releases for the PS Store tonight. I was preparing to stay up till midnight for it but I want to make sure it is even being released then. Anyone know? I've searched up news or discussions about the release time or PS Store updates but I got nothing.


*Edit* Nevermind I just looked at the top of the forum list. Uh duh. Well I'm gunna keep this forum open so I can ask 1 more question: 

What time zone is PST. Because the forum said 11 am PST to 5pm PST which is what time for me? I'm in central time.

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Re: TIme for SA2 release on PSN?

Oct 1, 2012

Actually I think you'll find the release date is 2nd October, today is the 1st!


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Re: TIme for SA2 release on PSN?

Oct 2, 2012

By tonight I meant like a midnight release Smiley Tongue I was gunna wait up all night for it but since its coming out at 1PM for me I didn't bother

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