Apr 14 2013
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TIP Clan Recruiting/ The Infinitus Plaga

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Infinitus Plaga clan is currently trying to add quality none drama members. If your sick of the clan drama and looking for fun/hangout clan plus serious competitive gameplay then we are it. Infinitus Plaga is latin for Infinite Affliction.


Basic Reqs. 

1.0 k/d or deemed intelligent player by leaders.

Must be willing to complete membership process that takes 1 play session.

Must be mature enough to be capable of serious play.

At least 17 yrs of age.


Further Complaince:

Absolutely NO Drama

Never change clan tag ever unless approved first. 

No excessive whining/complaining. 


If you can meet and agree with these things then we will play a few games with you and decide whether or not to start membership process of earning your letters.

Upon completion you're a full member. 

Looking for 10 or so members......send Virulent_Anguish a friend request to ask questions and or apply

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Re: TIP Clan Recruiting/ The Infinitus Plaga

Apr 14, 2013


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