Jan 02 2012
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System will not show on my screen

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I started my PS3 system and immediately had to go through an update. As soon as it was finished, the system went half-way through a re-boot and since then, I've not seen a screen. it's blank. I checked everything elsein my system, the HD projector works, sound  from my receiver works, but when I turn on the PS3, the screen goes dark, and there is no sound. I am running the PS3 from my WiFi and it has worked in the past. I have other computers running on that same WiFi so I know I still have Internet connectivity. But I also have tried to watch a video and there too, I cannot get anything from the PS3 system.

Can anyone help me with an idea. I am unable to see anyhting on the screen to read so as to effect the correct method(s) to run the PS3 device.


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Re: System will not show on my screen

Jan 2, 2012

try booting into safe mode and rebuilding the file system. worked for me when i had a black screen.

heres how->

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