Mar 09 2012
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Switching Laser Drives - Cases are different

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My laser died in my 80GB PS3. I bought a new one on ebay to swap them out. My model number is CECHL01. I checked the model number before buying and I was certain the one I was buying was the exact same. I took the console apart tonight, and was about to swtich the motherboard on the BR drive and noticed that the openings on the bottom of the drive were different. After several google searches and looking on ebay, i can't find a drive that looks like mine. Any ideas as to whether I bought the wrong drive or not? If so, what do I need?

The sellers auction said:

Model: KEM-410ACA KES-410A

Compatible with:

  • SONY PlayStation PS3 160GB any console
  • SONY PlayStation PS3 80GB CECHLXX,CECHKXX sereis console
  • SONY PlayStation PS3 40GB CECHHXX series console product

The bottom of my blu-ray drive.


The bottom of the drive that I bought.

XD18 Laser Lens-1.jpg

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