Jan 07 2012
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Swapping Blu Ray Drives

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I have two broken PS3s. One is a CECHE01 80GB model with the YLOD, the other is a CECHH01 40GB with a dead Blu Ray Drive. I am trying to find out if it's possible to take the blu ray drive out of the CECHE01 and put it ino the CECHH01. I tried to do some research but couldn't find anything that clearly stated whether or not it's possible to swap these blu ray drives.

I have opened the CECHH01 40GB in the past while trying to correct the blu ray drive laser issue but had no success. I have not yet opened the CECHE01 80GB. I am not very familiar with PS3 hardware so try to be as detailed as possible!!

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Re: Swapping Blu Ray Drives

Jan 7, 2012

You need to only swap the circuit board on the BD drive.

this is because each drive is married to only work with the specific PS3 motherboard, and that circuit board is what is actually "married" to the mobo.

So take the old 40gb drive apart and remove the circuit board, and take that board and put on the HE models drive.

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