Dec 04 2012
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Surrounded by Love

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I don't care if I any other users will make fun of me for my story. But, it is the truth and it is something I need to let out.


No one likes to be lonely. It is such emptyness that takes away our happiness. Yes, playing video games all day is a barrel of monkeys. But it isn't the same if you play alone. Not every game is single-player. Back then, they didn't have a lot, or if any, online multiplayer games, not any that I can remember. And what's the point of playing or even getting a game that two people can play if you're alone? You wouldn't completely enjoy the game, right? It stinks so much to be alone, I swear.


I grew up lonely. I remember going through elementry and middle school like a lone wolf. I still could never get why I was so lonely or how can I even change it. I try talking to people or even being noticed. But I'm a shy person and it's hard for me to act out or even take risks. I was one of those kids in school that would obey the teacher or face the consequences.  I never really got to enjoy school back when school was suppose to be fun, in the early years of course.


These thoughts still run through my head today. Heck, I'm even taking therepy and I'm still trying to figure out how to get a friend in person. I'm in high school now and I'm still lonely. I hate going to school because I would always see kids smiling and having fun with their friends. Friends was something that I really wanted. I never had the same feelings that others had, that feeling that makes a smile burst out of your mouth.


And remember, I don't care if any of you makes fun of me.


All of that changed when I got a PS3. Sure, it took be months to get the internet running on it and a month or two longer to dicover that I can be online with it. But it seriously opened up a new door to me: PSN. I remember when I first played online. I was literally started when I recieved my first friend request. I remember it was from Black Ops, my first shooting game. It made me more happy than anything. Just knowing that someone wanted to be my friend really shined a light to me.


Too bad I've never seen that same person online again.


As I played more and more online, it seriously made improvements to me. Yes, I had no friends physically. But knowing how there are people that actually cares changed me a bit. It made me less bitter towards people and brought some happiness. It helped me talk to people better and helped me know how to socialize people. The more I talked to people on the PS3, the more I grew on it. It seriously made a difference to me.


The more I played with others online, the more I learned about people. There were some people that would always be there to play with you. There were people that would help you out beating a level or a mission. And yes, there are those random people that keep sending a million game requests. Just interacting with these different people taught me things. It showed me how a friend request is like a Christmas gift; you'll never know what will be instore for you.


Now time and time again, these friends I play with would pull me away from whatever I was doing. Yes, it ticked me off a bit. But I still like it. I can't really blame myself. At least they were my friends, right? Right. People in school were never like this to me. None of them at school really knew me. Some of my friends online are so trustworthy that I even tell them anything; not literally anything, but you get the point. I know, why trust people that I've never met in person? Well, because they earned my trust, of course!


As time passes by, I would see how some people wouldn't be on my friends list. I would usually ponder on why they weren't there. Then I found out that people can "delete" friends. I couldn't beleive it. But as I thought about it, I realized that not everyone is a friend. A friend is someone that you can really get to know and have fun from time to time. A friend is someone that's always there to play with you and keep that dark loneliness aay. Those are the real friends.


Long story short, always keep your friends close. I thank all of my friends for being there for me; even though I doubt they'll see this. And I will like to say that people should treat each others as friend, even if they aren't on your friends list or if you haven't played with them in a while. A main reason why online gaming is so successful is because people are willing to play with each other and have fun. Isn't that what gaming is all about, having fun?


Play safe and happy, Playstation Universe!

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