Jun 17 2013
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Suikoden on PS4

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This needs to happen. Something akin to Suikoden II. That game was phenomenal. Beef this up and lets roll! Needs to happen Konami! Get with it! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Suikoden on PS4

Nov 24, 2013
I...never care enough about posting to sign up and go through the steps, but. I have to say my brain knocked the breath/breathe out of me when I googled 'Suikoden PS3". Because, unlike some dufuses, that likely can spell better than me, but: I wait until certain games come out before purchasing the hardware/console.

So....I have every single console. Except the Wii. I am waiting until...either March or May (May, I think) for Elder Scrolls 'Yes, you can play it first-person!' Online for PS4. So I got excited when I thought of "Oh! I never checked for Suikoden for the PS3, I need to go buy that ASAP!"

I always check the prices before going brick-and-mortrar purchase, so I googled to check the current prices on Suikoden for PS3. ....




I know that JRPG supposedly is not a thriving garden within America as of....

...I think it began just about when Mother 2 never came in English. Nor to America. *Coughs at bad taste in mouth*

I actuallt had the instibctual thought of "I guess I have to go replay Earthbound again. Or find that hidden path of a English-translated holy-guilded Mother 2 to become my savior for 2013 holidays" Whoever mass produced that would get some'some from this dimepiece.

I am real sad. I do not feel this way often since I am perfect and beautiful. But its like how I felt when I was ten years old with my pimples, purple glasses, oddly red hair, and obliviously fat, sitting on the floor getting teary-eyed because my Ness just got dead from the evil Sewer Monster. Its that hollow "Oh." feeling.

So I guess Ill drop a grand on another thing that came out instead.

I really can't believe Suikoden got dead. Please save it you guys.

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Re: Suikoden on PS4

Jun 23, 2014

Not meaning to commit the dark art of necromancy but c'mon!! What is wrong with some of these developers and publishers that they cannot see the $$$ right in front of their faces! JRPG's and Suikoden have massive....MASSIVE followings I say! Don't be a lemon Konami, be a rose bud! Smiley Very Happy

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