Apr 18 2011
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Suggestions for the PlayStation Network

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Here are some suggestions I have for the PlayStation Network, many have probably been suggested before but I wanna organize them all in one thread


- Add a party system, similar to what is on the Xbox Live network. It's rather annoying not being able to talk to a group of friends without all being in the same game or sending messages.

- Make the free avatars a bit more spiced up, or add more. For example - giving the free avatars backgrounds, or letting people use some sort of avatar creator to pick a background, border, and icon.

- Add a basic avatar for every game that is 'unlocked' as soon as someone plays that full game (not demos). Whether its a character from the game, a logo, icon, or what-have-you, I think it would give people more room to pick an avatar more close to home.

- Make the trophy system a bit more accurate. As it is, a person with trophy level 4 could have 200 less trophies than someone at trophy level 5.. so it's a bit misleading. Perhaps changing to a system that's more of a point count, like "Trophy Score", or to just display total trophies.

- Give some sort of reward for earning a Platinum trophy besides just the trophy that 1 in 400 people is going to see... perhaps 'unlock' an special avatar for that game that has a gold frame or something

- Add options to block messages from people who aren't on friends list (except for friend requests), or something along those lines. Or have an option to turn off notifications from received messages from people who aren't on friends list.

- Add a built-in capture program if possible, so that you can go to the videos tab while playing a game through the PS menu, and say 'start recording' or something, and be able to record and then send the video by e-mail or directly upload it to YouTube for the people who don't have capture cards

- Make the pop-up notifications & 'pop-up' PS menu a more bright & friendly design.. instead of the dark gray, perhaps make it white & blue, with semi-transparent background or something.

- Add a tool so people can change their username once per 3 months, or even just a 1-time thing.




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Re: Suggestions for the PlayStation Network

Apr 18, 2011
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