Jan 09 2013
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Striving to accomplish my goals. How hungry are you?

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Hello everybody! What I'm about to share with you might sound very familiar. That' because it probably is. As gamers, we eat, live, sleep and breathe video games. When I'm not gaming, I'm reading about games. When I'm not reading about games, I'm watching videos about games. When I'm not watching videos, I'm talking about video games. Last year was absolutely phenomenal for me. With a new state of mind, I put forth new goals and have been actively pursuing them for the past 12 months. After a couple of years studying Political Science, I decided to switch my major to Marketing and pursue a career in gaming. I've been playing video games it since I was 3, and a career in gaming wouldn't necessarily feel like work to me. I would be putting in effort and creativity towards something that I am passionate about and genuinely love. Since I’m not artistically gifted, I would put my talents towards marketing video games. In order to achieve my goal of interning at PlayStation, I turned social networking. I made a Twitter account right around the time the Blogcast started in November 2011. I started to follow video game editors and people working in the industry, in order to get an idea of what it was like working in the big business. After tweeting and building a rapport with Sid and Nick, I decided to email a question to the Blogcast in hopes of winning a free game, and long behold, they answered it the following week. What a thrill! Since then, I have had 4 of my questions answered, each of which came with an awesome game. Nothing can describe the feeling of them reading your question then answering it. I felt like I accomplished something! When the Blogcast visited developers in Toronto in May 2012, I knew I had to come down and pay a visit. It was such a blast meeting Sid, Jeff, Rey, and all the talented developers based in Toronto (Drinkbox, I’m looking at you!). I had the wonderful opportunity of facing Sid Shuman and Jeff Rubenstein in Mortal Kombat on the Vita. After delivering a fatal whooping, I won a copy of Rayman Origins, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Wipeout 2048 on the Vita! What an awesome day! I knew I had to get serious about interning at PlayStation. After hearing David Bull's inspiring Origin Story on the Blogcast, I decided to dress up, look sharp, and approach Sony HQ in Toronto with my resume and cover letter in hand. Not really knowing what to do, I told the man at the desk that I knew a PR representative, a woman I had met in May. Once she came downstairs, I will never forget the look on her face. The “Who the F is this guy??” look. Right then and there, I knew I maybe had rushed things a bit. I gave my resume, exchanged a few words, and left. After getting a few thoughts straight, I approached the company responsible for all the PlayStation marketing in Canada. I had applied to help them hand out newspapers across the GTA, a one-day gig with Nissan and The Globe and Mail. After the shift, I emailed the manager telling him how I wanted to work for PlayStation. The message I received could not have made me happier; he wanted me to work at the PlayStation All-Stars tournament. Since then, I’ve worked a number of events. I go in, set up, and promote the PlayStation brand with good energy, humor, sophistication and pleasure. My hard work and dedication hasgotten me far, but not far enough. I’m coming for that summer internship!

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