Jun 08 2012
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Staying Connected

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It seems like video games have always been in my life, in one form or another. I still remember the days when I used to go to down with my cousin to the news stand just to play my favorite arcade game. And when video game companies started making home entertainment system, it was like a dream come true. Now throughout my up bringing I was always up on the lastest game, and lastest accessories for them. When Playstation one first came it was like I was on a different level, and I fell in love with my first love all over again. Fast forward to my PS3 experience, my current PS3 is the third one that I've owned. After I brought my second one, my brother is currently active with in Army and he was stationed in Hawaii. My brother was going to college, and going through officers school, he told me that he wished that he could get a PS3, but during the time it was tough from him becasue he needed to focus on his family and didn't think it would be the right time for him to buy one. After my brother joined the Army I was so proud of him that I never thought of a way to congratulate him, this was the one way that I could show him how proud of him I was. I brought the PS3 and sent it to him and now that he has it, we have never been more connected. Now no matter where the world takes my brother I know that were always connected. Playstation keeps families connected.

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Re: Staying Connected

Jun 8, 2012

Well I wanted to post my thoughts on your post here. One is let your brother know that his service is not taken for granted. I am a veteran myself from the Army. Actually my username was inspired by the events of 9/11. I remember being overseas in Iraq and I was stationed on FOB Marez. Don't know where your brother will end up going but a lot of us was able to get a ps2 or xbox. I end  up having a ps2 and was able to play games. They didn't have the PS3 when I was in but PS2 was my lifeline or my way to escape the stresses of combat and it helped a lot of us become human again because when you are soldier, you almost become robotic in a sense.

Now I would get your brother a PS3 eye(webcam), this way no matter where he is at, you can chat with him And see your brother face to face!

You should be proud of your brother! It is wonderful that he has a  brother that cares and loves him! Playstation is wonderful thing when it can keep people together!

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