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Re: Sony tell us about the network, we know nothing thanks to you???????

Aug 28, 2013
Hey uh--oh. You never provided a link to your proof. I just double checked this entire thread. You also edited and reworded your original post to make yourself look like the victim of Sony supporters.

Every time someone provides proof and sources, you ignore it. Sony signed a deal with Rackspace, and has confirmed they are working on better matchmaking and other features. You have chosen to ignore this repeatedly, and cowardly change the subject.

PS4 launches in 3 months. There is still time to reveal more information. You have repeatedly claimed Sony is **bleep** company, and won't buy a PS4, but you're worried about the server count?
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Re: Sony tell us about the network, we know nothing thanks to you???????

Aug 28, 2013
Tsk tsk tsk

1- Obvious troll is obvious

2- OPs argument falls flat. By your logic, not "knowing" how many servers there are, you assume it's "possible" for them to be crapp/cheap/low number/whatever...
.... So, bye OPs own logic, we don't "know" that the MS servers aren't for storing, let's say, detailed kinect/user information because through the internet that is "possible".

3- Pscould get 3 servers that host 100k users and ms could have 300k servers that host 1 Person.

4- Obvious troll obviously knows nothing of business, let alone the gaming and online business.

5- ...there is a place where a kid can be a kid....and it isn't Toys r Us... it's over in the xbox forums....

I look forward to reading your reply,
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Re: Any information on the amount of servers in network?

Aug 28, 2013


Got this in an email today. Here's what my paying for XBL the last 9 years has got XBL users. They didn't get this for free.


XB1 cloud servers


When I started paying for XBL all those years ago I didn't know what I'd be getting or what MS would be using my money for. It was what you call a good faith agreement.


I'll give Sony a year to show me what my money will give me, just the same as I did MS. If I don't like it, I'll enjoy the rest of what my subscription gets me or cancel it and enjoy F2P games (that don't require PS+) and single player RPGs or whatever.


If you don't trust Sony then wait a year or so and let us be the guinea pigs. If you like what you see then join the early adaptors, if you don't then you haven't spent anything on it.

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Re: Sony tell us about the network, we know nothing thanks to you???????

Aug 28, 2013
Since this conversation has ran its course, the thread will now be locked
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