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Re: Sony does not honor Sony Card promotion!

Apr 2, 2009

dresnightfire wrote:
I NEVER RECEIVED MY $150 back and it's been more than 16 weeks already! I applied for the $150 off $299 purchase or more Sony card before the deadline, and I was approved. After 45 days, I called to see if I was still eligible for the $150 off $299 or more (I spoke to 2 different sony card service representatives), and they both told me I was still eligible as long as I make the purchase from Sony Style. I made the purchase on November 17th, 2008 from a brick and mortar Sony Style retail store in Houston, TX, but I never received my $150 back (and it's been more than 16 weeks!). I've called over 10 times and they are giving me the run around and refusing to honor the $150 back to my account. Last week they claimed they had no promotion on file for me, and today they are saying that I didn't make the purchase within 45 days! Is anyone else having this problem of Sony not honoring the credit back!?
So you did make the purchase after 45 days? Did you read a Terms of Service on the promotion? Did the TOS or the Sony rewards rep state that they was no time resrtictions? I would kick it up to level 2 if you did it within the 45 days. If after, I would amke sure I have details such as employee names, etc, before I called again if it was after 45 days.
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Re: Sony does not honor Sony Card promotion!

Oct 17, 2012

i have just gotten the playstation card that offers 12 months free ps+ and 50$ psn voucher after first purchase. i did everything right and have not received codes for either of those offers. and i have contacted sony and capital one 3 times, 2 in email and once calling . when i called , capital one couldnt help me so they transfered me to sony and e said the offer went through on his end but not mine and he "escalated" the issue to a higher employee tha himself and he was supposed to call me but never did. i am going to keep hasseling them untill this is resolved. its an unfair thing that sony has done.

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