Nov 20 2013
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Sony,Where Is Legend of Dragoon 2?

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My god it's been more than 10+ years and you're just sitting on a gold mine! Have it set in the Dragon Campaign if you have too! Though there were many other regions of the world on the map that were left UNEXPLORED! I don't understand what the problem is! Now is a perfect time to get working on it!


Hello?! Do you like money?


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Re: Sony!? Where is Legend of Dragoon 2?!

Mar 21, 2014
They love money, but they will wait till fans give up then make it again to get a huge flow of trafic, if its remade and fans dont like it then it fails. They have to wait for its fan base to die off
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Re: Sony!? Where is Legend of Dragoon 2?!

Mar 21, 2014

I'm locking this thread due to the necrobump. Please be mindful of timestamps when resurrecting a thread.


Feel free to continue the conversation around The Legend of Dragoon remakes and sequels in this thread, here. Thanks!

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