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Re: Console vs PC

Aug 19, 2014

UGo_6FT_Below wrote:

lets see, im looking here...

Game                          Steam Price:         PS3/PS4:

Bioshock Infinite           $29.99                     $39.99

The Witcher III              $53.99                     $59.99 (not even out yet, so NO you dont have to wait years for savings)

Aliens C.M.                   $14.99                     $39.99

Batman A.C GOTY      $19.99                      $19.99 (but no DLC, costs extra, not included like steam price)

Blazing Angels 2           $9.99                       $19.99

Brothers in Arms HH    $9.99                       $29.99


These arent even the weekly steam sales, these are just everyday prices...steam weekly sales can dip alot lower then that...and I could go on and on with more except you just have to think you're right lol, and all these lower costs games surely dont close that hardware gap huh? LOL blind. Buying games via the console stores are usually higher price for some odd reason...scratch that because they sold you a cheap console and are making up for it by charging you more for the games.  Go ahead spin that off too..guess the saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you cant force it to drink.  Console gaming is the same price over the years, maybe more I dont know, depends really on how many games you buy and which games you play.

 i hate to but in but/ batman  goy  and  bioshock was free on  psn +, i think "aliens" got a discount. blazing angels  was 9$ at one point. . Psn  + gives over 3500 a  year in saving, you can add that to the cost of saving for console....


 Pc vs console is  a tricky debate but when comes down to saving  ps3/ps4 with psn +  is the way to go. Since it launched in  2009/2010 i saved over  $10,000-11,000 dollars. yes ten/1 thousand thousand so far, which is very good if  a young gamer thats a new real life car, down payment for home or  money in your saving account.. I  also game part time.  So that cann't be  disputed on my  end.. I didnt count this whole year.  .


. As far   as pc  and steam saving . I dont  know, i dont use them.. Im  not going to be bais with it. but alot of  PC games are going to  the console and very good some  cheaer becuase of   online drm. Im waiting  for raven cry a Pc  dev made game to come  to Ps4 in october..  im also waiting for the order 1888 or what it is  to debut ,Thats when im going to break out my PS4.


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