Apr 23 2011
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Sony:NGP Graphics Video & My Opinions

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Lost Planet 2 NGP Tech Demo                 -Excuse that translator's annoying voice

The graphics on the tech demo were amazing, but the one thing that bothered me because it looked so sloppy was the character models shoes.  They are extremely rectangular and ugly.  It just seems like something that could have been made better.  Then again the game isn't even created yet so we'll just wait and see.

Uncharted Drake's Fortune Portable

The best graphics I've seen yet on the NGP.  Now here is when I wonder if the NGP actually does have PS3 graphics.  If you blow that video up to full screen on your pc the graphics still look  just as good, if I didn't know I would say it was for PS3.  If you noticed, Drake'sshoes didn't look weird at all they looked normal.  Its all about how much effort you put into the game I guess.

KillZone NGP

First I need to mention the frame number 1.  Honestly I feel like the assault rifle could have looked 10 times better.  It looks extremely box like and fake.  However, the turret in frames 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 looked phenominal.  The texture and shape was excellent and to me looked just like the KZ3 turret.  Then there goes those damn box feet on the helghast.  The helghast themselves look fantastic but their shoes-terrible.

Resistance NGP

Sorry for the poor quality.  Resistance looks great on the NGP.  I really liked everything I saw there.

MetalGearSolid4 Tech Demo

Now I'm not really sure what to think of this one.  The graphics look great, but like Lost Planet 2 its just a cut scene.  If it is anything like the PS3 version the graphics would look outstanding, I'm really looking forward to seeing actual gameplay of MGS4 on the NGP.

Unreal Engine Tech Running On NGP

I love it!  This is where its at for the NGP!  The best graphics on the system by far.  This demo looks amazing with great textures and shadowing that really show off what this device can do.  If I didn't know I would think this is a PlayStation3 game.

I still don't know how 3G is going to work, I would assume just like a cell phone and if thats so I'm getting the wirless version.  Unless you can afford it and plan on playing online outside there is no reason on paying a presumably $20-$50 monthly fee to have it.  I really think Sony could sweep the market if they had a 3G plan set up like PlayStation Plus.  If you could pay a $50 1 Year Subscription and have 3G until your subscription expires.  That would sell me it.  Most likely that won't happen though.

The NGP is promising and I can not wait to by this with Uncharted, KillZone, and Resistance on release day.

(If they are for sale on release day)


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