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Re: Sony -- In regards to PSV... You're doing it wrong.

Jul 17, 2014

Telekill wrote:
@Thegreawrathalos: I think the PSV is a beast when compared to other handheld devices. Especially other handheld devices released in 2012. I don't see any released iteration of iPad running Uncharted GA or Assassin's Creed Liberation. Then the hardware like the dual touch surface and analog sticks make it the ultimate handheld gaming device.

The problem truly is the lack of AAA games and lack of advertising.

From what I have read, I will fully admit to not having hours upon hours of free time, has the internals related to an iPad, which does make it powerful compared to handhelds. It is well engineered. They made decisions in design I would not have, but whatever.


Sony states they made it to play console games, I don' think developers want to put 50 million into developing a AAA game for the PS Vita. Unless they can get some SDK to allow porting of PS4 titlesvery easily, I don't see much hope for a large amount of AAA games. I can see a few games coming.



Maybe I chose wordings to make it seem not powerful, sure it's powerful, and I really hate the "beast" term, but it's main design is a tablet/phone. They did add extras, such as the back touch pad, two sticks, gyros, GPS, and sound, but the main design language is there. It's not a bad thing, it's got the power to play great games. I just didn't take the extra engineering invloved, to make it much more different thatn a cell phone. But I could see if you thought it did.


Looks at the PS4. It's a laptop, but with some great engineering to add extra chips to handle power off and xmb functions. It reminds me of my old amiga, which was incredible at multitasking.


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