Nov 29 2012
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Sony, I knew you'd never let me down.

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In the summer of 07, I had a hard life coming up. Mom and dad was always in disagreement with everything, always got picked on at school. To be completely honest with you, I always thought that I had bad luck. I always came home depressed, no one to talk to, even some of the times I was bored. Until it came that one day where I thought my luck had changed forever. I come home depressed like always, and try to find something to do. Coincidentally, I stumble upon a note that was left on my dresser. It read, “Look in your closet.” Me being how I was, I said to myself, “What else could be in my closet besides my clothes?” So, I open the closet door and find a 40 GB PS3 with a bow stuck to it and a note attached. “Enjoy!” is what the note read. This once depressed kid now found his happy place in a box of fun. PS3 opened me up to new people, and at the same time, this shy kid was now trash talking online with others! Suddenly, my luck took a turn for the worse. I come home to a trashed house and see the spot where my PS3 was empty. I've just been robbed! I just broke down into immediate tears. I felt as if my luck just went down the drain and my life just went back to square one. So I call up Sony and told them what happened. While I was talking to this lady about what just happened to me, I broke down into tears again and this lady was so empathetic to me. She just kept telling me to calm down and take a breather. As if she was in the room with me, comforting me through the storm. So I get off the phone with her and just lay down and close my eyes hoping that this was a dream that I would soon awake from. Fast forwarding to 4 months forward, I got another PS3 and from that point on, my luck increased. I made more friends, got a girlfriend, and much more! All in all, the moral to the story is, Sony basically made my life better. The lady that I talked to at Sony, consoled me to the point where I thought she understood me. Sony has great customer service. Sony gave me hope that I would get another PS3. Sony just gives me hope!

-A valued customer,

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