May 05 2013
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Solution Sony should use against freezers instead of patching merge

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OK there's many people who want to merge to look cool rather then freeze and who can blame them but Sony tried patching the freeze before and it comes back every time and it has never fully been patched Sony needs to just Mac ban these people and not just the ps3 I herd some web sites will ban the IP or Mac of the router the computer uses if something illegal is done well I'm sure destroying peoples ps3 hard drives is classified as a illegal act Sony needs to ban the routers IP or Mac not the ps3 1 if other web sites can do it then Sony can that way even if they get a new ps3 the new 1 wont connect to the router to sign into or up to psn and all accounts on the same ps3 that's freezing need to be Mac banned not just 1 because accounts can be traced to the ps3 using them if Sony stops being lazy about it after awhile it will become too much of a hassle for the freezers to keep replacing home items ps3s and switching internet providers or routers and they will give up since it will be too costly



this also needs to be done the same way with people who are ddosing except ddosing is less harmful to a electronic and should get a few warnings first

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