Apr 27 2014
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Socom II + PSNOW + GaiKai: Bring Back Older Games

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I search google everyday looking for posts like this, WE NEED A S2HD, PSNOW emulation will allow for it. GaiKai will support servers and DLC for old games. It may not be right in the game but it'll load into a different instance to support new content.

You cannot compare confrontation or any other game to the amount of Teamwork that went into Socom 2! S2 was amazing for that soul reason, the community inside the game was astronomical, hell I have hundreds of friends now for over 7-10 years + that I met through socom 2. I will never get over that game and will always be expecting a remake no matter how long it takes, I still play it on xlink. I just can't get over it ever, all my truest gaming memories are from that game nothing will ever top it everrrrr.


HHour is moving in the right direction but they cannot create a mirror copy of it because well 1. that is not their intentions and 2. copyright of course. Even after a HHour releases I'll be expecting a s2hd every single day, this next year after PSNOW, we will have to see how it functions and what support GaiKai brings to the table for online. I will never give up on socom 2 ! I hate seeing longtime fans saying it's now dead and won't give it a second go, to be heard and pray for such a masterpiece to return..



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Re: Socom II + PSNOW + GaiKai: Bring Back Older Games

Apr 27, 2014
SOCOM 2 HD remake has been the most popular game request on the playstation blogshare for a few years now...just saying maybe it's time for Sony to start listening to their customers.
And the results are in, the winner of Sonys #20YearsOf Play poll is...
"Winner: SOCOM II: U.S. Navy Seals (24.74%)"​

It's a great day to be a SOCOM fan!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome job SOCOM fans, Worldwide!
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