Feb 16 2012
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So Noone else has had this kinda problem??????

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My ps3 worked perfectly for about 2.5 yrs on games, movies, BR, Netflix  until 1 day the tv screen (55" Panasonic Viera Plasma) Started to sparkle and blink on and off then off all together except for the sound? Just no pic..

I have the tv set at 1080i or p? cant remember now, ps3 same and have always used an HDMI cable, I changed cables with no luck, Reset settings on tv and ps3 no luck. all works fine with same cable/tv and a different dvdplayer, but no go on the ps3. I tried the ps3 on a spare tv and same problem. In the manual settings for the ps3 video all settings like 720 1080i 1080p are all grayed out and cannot be selected it is stuck in the lowest video mode. And really looks very funky.... Can someone please tell me a fix for this ? Thanks soo much folks..... I had the latest firmware for the tv and ps3 at the time. This problem happened last August 10,2011

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