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Re: So I bashed the Vita for months and picked one up today....but have a question

Dec 13, 2012


Well some of you know I haven't been on the Vita bandwagon.  I'm a Sony guy, 2 PS3's, a PSP, heck even a PS2 in my H2.  But the Vita really ticked me off with the fail at release.


Anyway, snagged one at ATT store for 99.99 with 2 (Drakes and Wipeout) games could not pass that deal up.  And that was with NO contract!  My problem is I got it set up, was telling the wife, wow this is pretty sweet, then BAM! Lockup.  I got the blue slow flashing PS light.  Should I exchange it or just do a hard reset is my question??


Thanks in advance. Smiley Happy  Just hope I like it as much as I enjoy my PS3's...

100 bucks for a Vita and 2 games.... and you crash very shortly afterward. Suspicious. Refurb? Is this before or after you updated to the lastest firmware?

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