Oct 24 2012
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Slim 320 GB just turns off mid game, no flashing light, no beeps

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My Slim 320 GB that I bought Dec 2011 has turned off suddently and unexpectedly three times in the past two weeks.  Twice playing Infamous Festival of Blood and once on the final boss battle of FF13-2.  No flashing red light, no beeps, no yellow light, no overwhlemed fan sounds, nothing like what happened when my launch fat 60 GB PS3 died.


I emailed a local repair shop and they say its overheating and about to get YLOD but I'm gunshy to bring it to them.  I brought my launch PS3 to a different repair shop, got charged $150 to fix the overheating with it lasting one month, then got charged another $100 for "another problem" which appeared to be the same, but who can prove it? and it still broke for good 3 months later.


What else could it be before I commit to a minimum $110 charge and what could I do to determine if its some other problem but I shell out money to possibly not fix what the real problem is?



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