Nov 09 2012
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Singstar Marketing not appreciated

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Dear PSN leaders


I have just bought the Rocksmith game for PS3, now my System contains a Singstar entry in my games section. I cannot remove this entry or move it to a folder (there are strictly no options available for this entry!) it just stays there and the only thing i could do is downloading it. I can assure you that i have never bought Singstar and I will never buy it in my life, i don't belong to your target group. So please make an option available so that I can remove this advertisement or at least move it down. (Or to the "Network" section) I've always managed to keep my games section as clean as possible, i'm using it alot because I download alot of games from PSN. (I paied up to 400 swiss franks to PSN for games and add-ons, so I know how to find what i'm looking for) This kind of agressive marketing just makes me hate the game "Singstar" even more than before, and if other people think like me, you may possibly miss your target (to promote "Singstar")


I know it's hard for you to manage PSN to be free from costs and save at the same time, and I support PSN as far as I can by buying new games, but please let me choose myself what games i am buying!


Yours faithfully, A.M. (nodstradamus)

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Re: Singstar Marketing not appreciated

Nov 9, 2012

   Dear Nodstradamus,


      We're sorry for any inconvience. We'll get right to work on your request. Your input is greatly valued.



     Faithfully yours

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