Apr 23 2013
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Simple Ideas Sony

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A couple simple ideas I had would make me buy more games ..... Smiley Wink


One of the few who has a Vita but no PS3 so not sure if console owners have these options already but would be nice for the Vita.  How about a wishlist and a library on the store (kinda like Steam)?  I can't even remember the games I already own and I occassionally run across gems for later that I try to remember for later but cannot.  Give me a list to put them on, and I buy them one by one.  


Maybe these options are already on the PS store for Vita, and if so, please someone let me know.   Otherwise, would love to see these options Sony.  



I just saw others have already put in requests like this.  Just throwing it out there again I guess.  Apologize for the redundancy.

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