Jun 10 2013
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Should Sony discourage DRM use by publishers?

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Though I really hope to hear that Sony will block publishers from using any online verification DRM beyond online pass, if "up to the publisher" permits forcing a console online to play any and all parts of a game my wish is that Sony actively work to create a climate that discourages choosing to do so.


1: All DRM requirements should be labeled on a sticker on the front of the package for both new and used copies on store shelves.


2: At the same time, games that don't have any DRM should also be labeled "DRM FREE!!" as an added selling point to discourage the use of online DRM on the PS4.


3: As the use of online DRM may hurt the Sony brand and hurt the sales of all games across the PS4, in addition to increasing the cost to Sony to maintain the systems that would permit the Playstation Network IDs or other console specific verification, Sony should increase the percentage collect from each game from $10 to $15 on every title that wants to use an online DRM beyond current online pass programs.


4: To preserve the continuity of the console and the viability of the titles of the generation beyond the life of the console, any online DRM should timed to expire after some amount of time after the initial launch date. This time period should not exceed five years.

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