Oct 14 2012
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Should I get Oblivion?

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I have had Skyrim since early June, and I have one word to describe it: WOW! Recently though, I have thought about getting Oblivion: Gmae of the Year Edition from Amazon because my friend told me it is really fun. Then again, he likes xbox...


So I am wondering what advantages Oblivion GotY has over Skyrim. I heard Oblivion has a greater weapon variety, and that you can become a Daedric Prince in The Shivering Isles expansion, but is there anything better gameplay-wise? Content wise?


I have seen some monsters and they are Then again, the scenery looks very lush and beautiful. I am torn between yes or no.


This is not a thing with "price," I just want to know why (if it is) better than Skyrim.



Bottome Line: Should I get Oblivion?


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Re: Should I get Oblivion?

Oct 14, 2012

I started playing it again because I don't want to pay 40+ for one-year-old Skyrim (and cuz I never finished it), and I'm having as much fun as when I first got it. The scenery is def more pleasant, but it's lacking many features that Skyrim has and seems stiff in comparison. If you just want an excellent RPG from the same bags of chips, then go ahead.

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