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Re: Sharp Shooter games

Nov 16, 2012
Here's the most updated list I can find.

Dust 514
Time Crisis Razing Storm
The House of the Dead
Cabela’s Survival Showdows of Katmai
GoldenEye 007 Reloaded
House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut
Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2012
SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy Seals
SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy Seals FDE Full Deployment Edition
Killzone 3
Killzone 3: Helghast Edition
The Shoot
Resistance 3
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
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Re: Sharp Shooter games

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Nov 19, 2012

Technically, some of these Games aren't made for the Sharp Shooter, They support the Move, but not Sharp Shooter... 


Just because you can use the Sharp Shooter, doesn't mean it's made for the Game... 



I mean Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition didn't even have Move Support, you had to Download the Add-On just to use it... 

So that barely supports Move at all... 


If you want to use Sharp Shooter on MAG, by all means your welcome to try, but the fact you can't walk / run, & jump at the same time wil make things difficult for you... 


Does Time Crisis even support the Move at all? I thought that came with it's own Gun Support? 




P. S.: I'm suprised Dead Space: Extraction isn't on your list, it supports The Move, I dunno about Sharp Shooter, though... 

I never tried it... But i've played it using The Move, before...

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Re: Sharp Shooter games

Nov 28, 2012

I own a sharpshooter, it was the only reason I bought PS3. Besides Killzone 3, only 1 or 2 other FPS's support it with a good online multiplayer component. Resistence 3 is ok. I wouldn't have bought it if I knew so many franchises wouldn't support it, and I won't buy games that don't support it. After 2 years, I'm very dissappointed. Save your money until there is more of a commitment or look at other systems. Eve Dust 514 looks promising, but also looks like a money pit in its design IMHO.

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Re: Sharp Shooter games

Jan 1, 2013

I run and jump just fine on MAG and SOCOM 4 . Some of you guys seem like you would complain if you had to pull a womans panties before sex. ITs akward , its heavy , i cant calibrate it , i dont want to stand, it drifts , pointing to the end of the screen to turn sucks . Every thing they whine about Can be adjusted and gotten used to , The same learning curve you had when you first used a ps controller for an FPS is the same one you will have with the sharpshooter. CHECK OUT THESE LINKS .



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