Nov 21 2006
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Setting up a static IP for your PS3

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I originally started going a visual guide but the pictures turned out horrible and blurry, sorry but this is going to be a text guide

Step one: Let the auto configurer configure your network, from there, you can check the "Settings and Connection Status List"
     Note the following: Subnet Mask, Default Router, Primary DNS, Secondary DNS
Step two: Select the "Internet Connection Settings" option
Step three: Choose which connection type you are using (wired/wireless)
Step four: If wireless scan, choose network, encryption method and password.
Step five: Under "Address Settings" choose "Custom"
Step six: Under "IP Address Setting" choose "Manual"
Step seven: Enter All of the information from Step one, and for your IP Address, set it all the same as your Default Router except the last term, set it to something high, like 125.
Step eight: Fill in the remaining settings as they apply to you (probably best to go Automatic - Do Not Use - (which ever applies) (disabled by default though I recommend enabling through your router)

Now you can set a DMZ/Port Forwarding as I illustrated here.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

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Re: Setting up a static IP for your PS3

Dec 19, 2012

when i go to find my ip from the auto config its just says automatic next to it. how do i find the ip to change


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