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Serious health issues and how PlayStation gets me thru them everyday

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Im gonna copy and past what i wrote back in 2007 on these forums.  I did a search and happen to find this post.  I was in a lot of dark days back then, and still to this day i go thru a lot and i thank god to be alive and PlayStation for taking my mind off of the troubles i go thru everyday.  Some good discuision went on in this tread back in the day.  Hope those that will take the time to read whats below will maybe themselves, or know someone, who has gone thru hard times and can know they not alone and there are others feeling the same way you do currently or have in the past.




serious health issues (you or someone you know)

For most of my life have been dealing with certain health issues. Back in 2001 I developed cancer (Hodgkin's Lymphoma) and had to deal with that. Now they told me that I needed to do 6 months of chemotheraphy but I only ended up doing 2 because it was very diffucult for me to handle, also having to do it alone because no family was around. I got blessed and the cancer went into remission and has been ever since.

Now over the last 2 years my health has been getting worse slowly. During April of this year, 2007, I had to go into the hospital becuase I had what they call Pneoumo Thorax . What that means is I had a sudden hole burst into my lung which was allowing air to escape into my chest, which in turn was causing my lung to collapse. They had to stick a chest tube in my chest to let the air out so my lung could expand again and that tube had to stay in until my lung healed itself. At the same time all this was happening the doctors told me there was a chance that my lung might not heal and I would have to live my whole life with that tube in my chest. I was blessed by a higher power (god) and my lung did heal after about 2 months of being in the hospital and they was able to take the chest tube out. Now everyday that goes on I always have in my mind that I could go thru this all over again becuase it can happen again to ppl once it happens once.

Anyway I guess the reason I'm writing this is so that maybe other ppl who have gone thru tough medical issues or even know someone that has, can take comfort in knowning that things can pull thru and you look towards brighter days. Now granted I don't know how much longer I will be living, but I hope it's a long time. All I know is that I have to keep hope that things will be ok from here on out.

I have also found that over the years one of the reasons I love playing video games on my PS so much is because they help take my mind off of everything I been thru and are currently going thru in my life, at least for that time that I am playing the games.

I pray for all of you out there who have been thru hard medical issues or even know someone who is going thru them. I know it's not easy at all to deal with and also know you just have to have hope. I hope that by sharing this with you all that I may have helped someone feel a little better out there who may be having a hard time dealing with certain issues.

Thanks all for reading and good blessings to you all.  Just remember that no matter how much you think your life sucks, there is someone out there who is having a much harder time then you.


Its now 2012 and what was wrote above was done in 2007 (went thru another Pneoumo Thorax in Oct of 2007).  I still to this day struggle a lot with my health issues and im happy for every day i am alive and get to make more friends on PSN that can help me forget my troubles from playing Magic the Gathering with other gamers.  I do hope that when the day finally comes that i meet God....  i hope he got a PS up there for us to game on Smiley Happy

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Re: Serious health issues and how PlayStation gets me thru them everyday

Oct 7, 2012

Ohh good story.

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Re: Serious health issues and how PlayStation gets me thru them everyday

Oct 7, 2012

pretty awesome

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