Jul 05 2013
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Selling my PS3 if anyones interested PS3 SuperSlim 250GB with 15Games and Tons of accessories

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its on ebay if interested 
Search for "ps3 250gb 15 games" its the first one

Reason i am selling it is because i don't use it and i need cash  
Games it comes with 
2.Call Of Duty Black Ops
3.Call Of Duty Mordern Warfare 3
4.Fallout New Vegas
5.Midnight Club LosAngles
6.Need For Speed Most Wanted
7.Need For Speed The Run
8.Split Second
9.Sports Champion
10.Super Street Fighter
11.UFC Undisputed 3
12.Uncharted 1 Drakes Fortune
13.Uncharted 2 Among Thieves 
14.Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception
15.Virtual Fighter 5
Dual Shock 3 Controller Red - 1
Dual Shock 3 Controllers Black - 2
PlayStation Eye
Playstation Move Motion Controller
Playstation Move Navigation Controller
PS3 Bluetooth Headset - Urban Camo
PS3 USB Cable 
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