Aug 02 2012
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Second Sight

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One of my favorite games that no one I personally know knows about is Second Sight for the Ps2. That game was just great with the story and its gameplay mechanics. You were someone who had been granted psychic powers and you had a lost memory and as you progressed further and further in the game the abilities just became more and more awsome. Like one ability you could basically leave your body in a spirit form that no one could see and you could still slightly interact with the world, but later on you can posses people and other abilities become even better. Also this game is very strategic because you die very fast and if you are spotted by say a mental patient a whole bunch of highly trained soldiers would come and kill you. It just an amazing game that is fun too because you can use your abilities to for say pick up a trash can and then fling it at a soldier with a gun and win the fight LOL

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