Nov 24 2012
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Saved game transferred through Playstation Plus not recognized

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My wife and I each have a Playstation Plus account. We bought a second PS3, and she played Borderlands 2 on it for quite a while. Now we're trying to transfer her saved game to our original PS3 through her PS+ account. We transfer it over with no problem, and I can see it in her saved data, but when we start the game it doesn't recognize the saved game file and will only let her start a new character.


I'm pretty sure this is happening because she never signed in to her Playstation Network account on the new PS3 before she started playing. I've created new characters on the new PS3 after signing her in, and after transfering they are recognized by the game with no problem.  On the opening screen of BL2, you can see the user the character was created under. In most cases, the name listed is the PS Network user name. On the character we're trying to transfer, it's just her profile name on the new PS3.


Is there any way to get this saved game recognized by Borderlands 2, or is she out of luck because it was never associated with her PS Network account?



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Re: Saved game transferred through Playstation Plus not recognized

Nov 24, 2012

Yes im pretty sure you are correct. You cant transfer saves because the save file was created before a PSN account was linked. The game thinks you are using someone elses save file. 

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