Feb 20 2013
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(Satirical) RIP Playstation 12/3/94-2/20/2013

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Note to the readers: This post was purely for fun it should in no way be taken seriously. I anticipate people will laugh at this either because its so absurd or its written poorly. Either way im fine with it.


It all started with an idea. An idea to revolutionize the way video games were created. In 1994 a horse of an entirely different colored entered the console race. Before hand, the war waged against Atari, Sega, and the rest of the companies nobody either knew or gave a **bleep** about. This "dark horse" was named the Playstation. Many thought it would fail. It ended up showing the world a new type of business. Atari took a harsh arrow to its long held reign of "King of the Castle". And Nintendo was playing with a rubix cube.                        

Fast forward 6 years. The climate of the industry has heated up. The technological advances have brought creations together nobody once thought possible. It also brought along the XBOX. This new machine threatened to steal the accomplishments and titles that this horse had gained over its past decade. The war waged on. The Playstation built up its repertoire as it continued to battle. Master Chief vs Kratos, Jesus vs Satan, Ratchet vs Clank---errr, I meant what's another Xbox exclusive character? Oh who the **** knows or cares. Oh and Nintendo was still playing with a rubix cube (How the hell do you even solve those things?).    


The battle raged on as the a new age downed only 6 years later. This box developed early (not because of the genetically enhanced **bleep** we feed ourselves now a days). It now held the upper hand. The Station was slow to develop because it ate all the healthy, naturally produced, and organic vegetables. Still it didn't have the head start. Unfortunately the quicker developed horse will not feel the effects of eating this garbage until later in life, but for now it was ahead. New enemies entered the ring. The lightning wielding freak of nature Cole McGrath, the thinks hes the **bleep** (and pretty much is) Nathan Drake, Sackboy (who could bury them all), and SEV (Who you probably have never heard of but played as him during killzone). The "box" brought those people from gears of war, that dude from crackdown, and those people that killed zombies that were left for dead. Nintendo replaced its rubix cube for pick up sticks and dildos (hopefully I'm not flagged for that).     


The race continued until that fateful day 2/20/2013. The day Playstation was no more. It was nice reminiscing the past. To see how far the once dark horse had come. The characters it had introduced, the gods that wanted revenge, the hunt for the origami killer, the adventures of drake and co., the take down of the helghast, the whacky times of Sackboy, and blackouts caused by a electrical mutant. Its been a hell of a ride Playstation.


RIP.12/3/94(If your Japanese)-2/20/2013                            





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Re: (Satirical) RIP Playstation 12/3/94-2/20/2013

Feb 20, 2013
I don't see any fun in your thread.
But all I saw was the world filter censoring words.

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