Oct 10 2013
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Saints Row IV (Volition Comics Pack DLC)

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Hey guys I searched the Forums here and coiuld not find a thread on the topic but if there is one could the mods please merge this one thanks! 


So apparently the Volition Comics pack is glitched I had the from launch and it has not worked! I got it from a preorder from a major retailer! Thing is I entered the Vocher and downloaded the pack started the game and after the Gateway becomes avalible i get a notification of all my unlocked content! Ie Comander in Chief pack and the Volition pack ect, anyhow all the items are i the wardobe except for the Volition ones! they are not at any of the stores either! Slo the point of this thread is Volition has said they have found the issue and here is a link to the thread in the Saints Row Threads on the topic!


Hope this helps anyone who is having this issue with Saints Row IV 



Honestly it wasn't suggestive at all it was quite blatant!
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Re: Saints Row IV (Volition Comics Pack DLC)

Oct 10, 2013
glad they are working on it
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