Feb 27 2012
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Sadly ylod has happened to my little friend

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How can I fix my playstation when it dies it keeps over heating is it a bad power supply needs to be maintained I got it fix at a store once and its out again after a couple weeks or so is it a way to keep it working for longer also how long does the blow dryer trick work for would it mess anything up on the inside

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Re: Sadly ylod has happened to my little friend

Feb 27, 2012

Blow dryer fix is temporary and usually doesn't last long at all. Eventually that method will stop working. I'd advise you to not use that method as it will likely damage your system. Once YLOD has happened only options are to either:

A. Sell it for parts

B. Get Sony to fix it for a fee of either $150 or $100 depending on the model

C. Have an electronics website fix it (this is prolly the best option especially if they offer Reball service)

D. Let it collect dust

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