Nov 21 2012
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Sad PSN Story

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This Sad story begins 4 days back in time, when a happy Playstation3 user went to buy a PSN card in an authorized games store, it was a nice day, the birds were singing and the wind was blowing softly.

The happy player arrived at the store and bought a $50 USD PSN card and a nice game, and so he returned to his house happier than before, everything was ok at the beginning, and he was sooo excited to play his new game and look for something nice at the Playstation Store, so he turned on the PS3 and began loading the PS Store, but ohhh no!!!!.................(Here begins the sad story, so be prepared to read and drop at least a tear for the poor user.....), just when he finished writing the redeem code and pushed appeared a horrible error message !!!! (please input your favorite horror song here).

But the story couldn't be finished here, he tried to input  the code from his PC on his account and read a lot of forums in search of an answer to his problem, but he was out of luck, his last hope was to contact the store an PS support, and so he did. Support from Sony answered to his e-mail faster than expected, and provided support accurately, apparently the code was not activated by the store and support told him to return to the store and ask for the card to be activated.

He thought that everything would be ok just by following the instruction provided, but (here comes again) ohhh no !!!!..........when he asked to the store to activate de card they told him that they had already did that and that they couldn't help him, even when he showed the purchase ticket they just told him to send an e-mail to customer service of the store and so he did it.....


Want to know the end of the story ????????, well, me too........................I'm still waiting for a response from the store.

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