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Dec 23 2012
By: Kueyo First Son 5 posts


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I'm passionate about football, and then guess what was on my playstation football all afternoon, but even when I played football (American) NFL BLITZ, I believe No knew nothing of the sport! it was love at first play, I literally loved playing football without a goalkeeper, with the m? full of tactics and the ... the game was a fish out of water, until I saw the trophies of the game, man I want to make 100% in this game without knowing anything about the sport and went to study the tactics of the sport, was the sensational victories after many defeats and the company that made the game put the trophies more 

dificieis I have ever seen, it was win-win ... I arrived and it was fantastic to 100% penalty will no have a PLATINUM.

learned the sport thanks to the playstation. 

that? my life.

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