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Re: SONY is going bankrupt they had to recall there 3D tv and ps3 is **bleep** vita is junk

Nov 30, 2012

GuRuAsaki2098 wrote:

The biggest Problem in PS3, is da Life Streaming Support... I don't know about anyone else, & I haven't tried this out yet... 


But I realized my PS3 runs so much faster, clearer, & better when i'm not Signed-In on the Playstation Network... 


I'm not talking about Online Play, not talking about Online at all... 


I'm talking about everything... 


Heck, when i'm Signed-Out, the XMB Screen moves so much faster, the Lagg is completely gone... 

Why the PS3 laggs when you Connect, I don't know, but I can tell ya this, it's not just a slight lagg, it's a lot of lagg, ~_~ 


If my PS3 runs faster while i'm Signed-Out of PSN, I would think the Web Browsing might go faster, too... 


Another idea someone Mentioned is turning off your Media Devices in the Networking Settings of the PS3... 




This might help prevent Sony from Bricking up your PS3 in the Future... 


Again, I have not tested this Theory out yet, so as of yet, it's just a Theory I have... =D

Move this to the idiot section too please. Where do these morons come from?

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Re: SONY is going bankrupt they had to recall there 3D tv and ps3 is **bleep** vita is junk

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Nov 30, 2012

Logical_Dolphin wrote:

MajickNinja wrote:

I have been a big Playstation fan since the Playstation 1, I did have an original Xbox but I would rarely play it due to the fact that Playstation 2 had way better games. Halo was fun and Fable was amazing but other than that the games held no interest to me. Then the Xbox 360 came out and I got it, within 3 months of playing I got the red ring of death. I sent it it and got it fixed and had my 360 back in about 1 month and then yet again a few months down the road I got another red ring. I let that thing sit for almost a year broken, why? Because I bought a Playstation 3. I eventually sent the 360 back and got a free repair only for the fact that Fable 2 came out and I wanted to play it (which the game froze litterally every 5-30 minutes of gameplay). Now, my first Playstation 3 was an 80GB Fat and it lasted 3 years before I got the YLOD. Which, I was **bleep** that Sony made me pay $170 to get it fixed because Xbox will replace the system free if it is the red ring. Xbox does have great service support, playstations support team is pretty well **bleep**. BUT! My ps3 lasted 3 more years until I fell asleep with it on, and the window open and it got rained on and fried from water damage. I now have had a slim for almost one year (tomorrow is one year) and it runs like new.


Xbox Pros:

- Excellent Customer Service


Xbox Cons:

- Unreliable Hardware

- Pay to Play Online


Playstation Pros:

- Reliable Hardware (built to last years)

- Free Online + More Online Features

- Blu Ray Player

- Game Selection


Playstation Cons:

- Customer Service

- Slims are noisy

The X360 was rushed to market and didn't go under full quality control, which is why there was a epidemic of RROD issues. Since so many of those issues happened, Microsoft had to extend the warranty for all those consoles made from the start. Today the X360 hardware is much more reliable.


The PS3 from the beginning seemed to be more reliable, but it was found over time that the combination of thermal paste drying and brittle lead-free solder caused many units to get the YLOD. Unlike Microsoft, most YLOD issues happened outside of the warranty period so Sony isn't obligated to give you a free repair.


As far as game selection goes, the X360 and PS3 have many of the same games. If you are just going to choose one console, ultimately it will have to do with which exclusive games you like...

lol this why it dead last  inthe 3 console wars in hardware  reliability..  Also they spend 3 billion in warrenty for that period.  also the rrod  issue is solved is false . go look at how many where recalled last year well over 1 mill.


2.  right is beating  both console in making game almost 2-1,   sony has more game  than x box has,  wii has alot of games which sony only sees as the main competition right now and the future , Go listen to them  speak. they arent worried about  xbox.. they are worried about wii u, nintenedo, becuase its the  battle of the gaming market in  japan.


3 the  ylod happened out of warrenty, ok  how long does ps3 last before you  get the ylod of these errors.  it's estimated about 5-6 years some people never have gotten it.. Now how long did  it take for  rrod to happen even with 3 year warrenty every  6mths? which is better product?  you cant patch a hardware malfucntion, its been tried , all you can do is  slow the machine down.  The xbox& xbox360 console are faliure's both of them and 3rd one   that coming out  will be the same.




vp-psn legioniaree group.

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