Dec 01 2012
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SONY This is getting crazy, People freezing peoples PS3s.

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So I and my friends play a game called Socom: Confrontation well its hard too because of these freezers who come into games and freeze everyones PS3 but their own, They scout lobbies looking for open spots just to freeze peoples PS3s, This has gone to far they are making threats, bullying, and putting wear and tear on peoples PS3s by making everyone hard reset their consoles, If anyone plays Socom: Confrontation they will know what is happening and this is just crazy how it has gone on for so long. I have compiled a list and even made a post on Socom: Confrontations Forum 5 mins ago to help with this.. I called and talked to a Sony Supervisor and they said this is a serious issue they told me to tell everyone I know to file a complaint as well so this is looked into faster and dealt with so I'm asking anyone who has been a victim of this to help thank you I made this post to let everyone know that this could happen in any game and to grab Sonys attention more. They all claim to have jailbroken PS3s as well.


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Please help out the Playstation community and report if this has happened to you.

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