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Re: SOCOM 2 for ps3?

Jul 28, 2012
I live in Ohio , everyone I know played Socom 2 and it is in agreement that we would all buy and play Socom 1 , 2, or 3 if it were re released on ps3 but alas I am afraid Socom will never be resurrected . They had the bull by the horns with Socom 2 and they went down hill from there . I am not a programmer or a developer , I am not a
Fan boy and do not post often but I feel very strongly about Socom , I will pay whatever price to get Socom 1 or 2 re released but with the ps4 right around the corner I bet they make me wait , why not they made me wait more then a decade for a propper sequel to Socom 2 and I'm still waiting . What other game has people **bleep** 10 years after the fact, Socom 2 was and still Is the single most fun of any game on any platform or pc that I have ever played going back my friggin kalikovision . I want that experience back . and my friends and I are older with money to burn , just give me my **bleep** Socom 2 and make it exactly the same with Hd Graphics and no cheating or hl itching and everyone in the Socom universe will stop freaking out I promise
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