Oct 10 2012
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SCEA needs to approve that PC Remote app on PSM!

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Anyone kinda REALLY pulling for that remote desktop app to make it through to the store?


I mean, I think if the developer could work something out with SCE or SCE themselves could make something like a remote desktop app, it would be awesome!


If I could update my content manager and if that could have remote desktop streaming built in . . . LET"S GO!



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Re: SCEA needs to approve that PC Remote app on PSM!

Oct 10, 2012

well right now the sdk has not been released yet.(that guy/girl did it in beta. for it to get approved he needs to use the fully released version of the sdk.) also that guy/girl needs to put it up for approval.



(the games you see in playstation mobile are from bigger developers that signed a special deal with sony to get them up on playstation mobile at launch. as sony signed a deal with them. its kinda just showing playstation mobile is, it is not really fully launched yet is what im getting at.)

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