Jun 13 2013
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Russian gamer's cry from the heart, who hopes to be heard

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Russian gamer's cry from the heart, who hopes to be heard.

Good day! My name is Vladislav, I'm 23 years old, 20 of which I play video games. I live in the third most populous city in Russia - Novosibirsk. I want to appeal to the leadership of Playstation, although I understand that it's probably not likely to get ... As to the question of pricing for the products of Playstation in Russia.
Was recently announced the price of the PS4, which in the U.S. is $ 399 (12 000 RUB). I want to honestly say, even for Russia, this price is very good! But there is a problem: Russia is associated with European countries, where the price is 399 euros (16,000 RUB). The difference is 4000 RUB - it is almost 30%, which is significantly for us. However, our country can not be compared on the incomes of the population with Europe and the United States. If you do not take into account the Moscow region, where incomes are sometimes can be compared with income in Europe (1000 euros), 90% of Russia's population receives an average of 400-500 euros per month. And this is especially true for Russian gamers - pupils and students, who often have fewer opportunities! It is no secret that most of the players in our country - people 14-20 years of age.
If you follow the simple logic, it is not clear why the population with incomes below twice or three times, pays the same - the maximum cost in euros? Why to Russia (and maybe other countries) do not enter a price based on the price in dollars? Again, for many, this is very important. This is compounded by the fact that many retailers and speculators inflate those prices (not to mention online stores, some of which have already put up the price 19,000 RUB = 470 euros instead of 399).
I did not even mention about the price of the game, which will further hit on the pocketbook Russian buyer. For example, buying a game entirely in English via the Russian account, will have to pay 2500 RUB = $ 83, although through a U.S. account the same game can be purchased for $ 60. Why? After all, this is a digital store Sony!
I would not be writing this message, if Russia does not have an official representative Sony. I understand that the Russian market is not the highest priority. However, a vicious circle: a lot of gamers can not buy products Playstation corny because of lack of funds. It's not your fault and I'm not complaining. I want you to understand me correctly. I propose to follow simple logic. I and millions of Russian gamers do not understand the pricing policy, which, if acceptable, only for the Moscow region. 90% of the general population remains behind. Let me remind you that our population is over 140 million people. Russia may become one of the most important markets for Sony. To achieve this, in my opinion, we should at least set prices based on the dollar value. We do not ask for discounts, please do prices in Russia for what officially established, for example in the United States. Especially, the PS4 has no regional restrictions. And control it. I assure you that you will see the console and games in Russia will be bought in several times better. You will be amazed.
Thank you for your attention.

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Re: Russian gamer's cry from the heart, who hopes to be heard

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Jun 13, 2013

The company has to make money. Since the exchange rate is different, they can't simply charge UK people (or Russian, or Chinese, whatever) the same equivelent amount as the U.S. price. Not only are there exchange difference, but there are also taxes and stuff that must be taken into consideration. It's not a matter of simply looking at $400 and translating it to the exact same amount somewhere else. It has to be exchanged at a rate that is profitable for that region. For example: if the cost for Sony is $350, they are making $50 profit when they sell it at $400 in the U.S. If they sell the console in, I don't know, India - that $400 could translate to $200, which means Sony is taking a $150 loss. Not accurate numbers of course, but I think my point is clear enough.

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