Sep 15 2013
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Respect League ( madden 25 online franchise) NFL style simulated users only and active.

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  1. Respect League .NEW League our league has ( voice lobby on phone or PC up to 6-12 users at once talking trades,group me, facebook group lg members only. And the best of all is our online radio show  2 times per for 30 min where u the  user aka owner  can call in and let us know things are going ? We also have  simulated  NFl style gameplay.After the first SEASON and u see lg is right and one of the Top in madden,,, will be a $ 5 fee per SEASON we will be awarding the league mvp as well as AFC & NFC  champs n SUPERBOWL WINNER WITH PRIZES !!!!!!SO NO glitches or cheaters allowed soooooo  if our interested  add me on facebook 1st Kevin teurman sr. hmu  psn teurman1 commish #
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