Apr 14 2013
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Requesting PSP / Ps1 Games for VITA

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I've recently bought a VITA and I've seen quite a few games already available in the US that are missing in the EU store. Since I haven't been able to find any thread for requesting games, I'm posting here in the hope someone may help and/or redirect me to a more appropriate place. 

This said, even if copyrights issues may be understandable for Europe "being considered one big country made of several entities" as I read somewhere, I would like to know if there's a way to get Sony's ear for games such as Castlevania: the Dracula X Chronicles, the SNK and Capcom collections and other jewels... They may be available through a PS3, but not directly from the Vita store and that's the real issue (for me at least). The only solution is apparently to have them on a US account, with all the hassle of resetting the console to switch from one account to another, memory cards notwithstanding of course.

PS1 games, from what I've gathered, run in 50Hz in europe, like in the old days... Can anyone confirm and if it's really the case, is there any chance to have a proper version on the store?


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Requesting PSP / Ps1 Games for VITA

Apr 14, 2013

Unfortunately Sony doesn't take requests. It just comes down on who is going to invest the money to make the game available in whichever region. In North America games are NTSC encoded and in Europe the games are PAL encoded. NTSC is used with a fps of 60i or 30p and PAL with 50i or 25p, which has a vertical frequency of 50Hz.

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