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Re: Report: PlayStation Vita Components Cost $160

Jan 24, 2012

I wasn't trying to chew you out personally, my comments were more or less a base eye opener for everyone considering the idea that the component cost = actual cost.

Hopefully nobody was offended, that wasn't my intent at all just again a hope that people would realise that there is much more involved then part price breakdown lists.

Over on the neogaf forums we have a far bigger problem with people bashing Sony over the prices, and frankly the media lately has been a bunch of uninformed instigators as far as hate goes for any new console other then apple products it seems.

I mean look at the terrible press that the 3DS got, yeah it might have deserved it, I know I felt pretty sucked in having a $250 system with no games for months, but in the end it caught up and is doing well.

Sony is no different, if things really do end up being bad they will step up efforts and ride out the storm, but the lesson learned is that right now in this day and age, media feeds on negative feedback of any kind, it is much easier to focus on doom then good, and you can see how just about every site enjoys flip-floppng back and forth between concepts to match the fad of the day to get hits.

Take a look at IGN, those idiots can't seem to figure out whether they like or hate anything, one day they post a "X System is destined to Succeed" article and then the next day they post "X System isn't worth buying" articles.

I encourage everyone to actually think for themselves, do your own research, and stop taking really biased opinions against anything because the way things have been going lately it's like everyone on the internet has personal stocks in apple lol, no hate towards them but I swear it's surprising that the thing hasn't been credited with curing cancer and aids while playing COD3, and making me dinner.

Sarcasm aside, if you think about it you will actually get a good laugh at how true it is...

Keep in mind the terrible press that Sony got from the whole hacking fiasco ended up being a good marketing pitch for them in the long run, there is no such thing as bad press and exposure, the more these random copy-cat bloggers cry about everything the more likely someone will read about the Vita themselves and be aware of it's release etc.

Thankfully not everyone believes everything they read or see on tv/internet otherwise we wouldn't even be having this chat on here

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