Dec 18 2010
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Removing PSN from User?

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This probally looks like a big read, but please try and help.


Hey does anyone know a way of removing a PSN account from a User, not deleting but deleting is fine to.

Today i got a BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) kinda thing, with Turkish or something on the screen. And when I turned it back on, everything was gone, good job it recovered my data. Anyways, my psn sign in things were gone on my 5 accounts , so i started linking them up again by pressing "Use exsisting account" I got 2 done and then I came to my main account.... With all my data and trophies and I entered the email wrong and ended up activating my next account on this user.


So basically the situation is,

  • Account A (Main account) has Account B (Second account) Registered on it.
  • This means I have no trophies on my main anymore and trophy sync delivers and error.

If i could just get that BSoD to happen again then I could re-enter my account data. I know I could format it, but that would lose all my data.

So guys please help


In a nutshell!


I need my XMB to show "Sign Up for Playstation Network*


Not "Sign In"






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