Jul 18 2012
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Hello every one I am CARLOS-NY-NINJA if any one is not in a club and would like to join one then do add me. no frauds allowed theres your warring... just in case. One day we are going to rise up to the challenge. one day we will raise the steaks and one day we will stand all united as one! but until then... we will keep our heads high and are enemies dry. if you would like to join a club. and your not in one? then you may add me. note: once you add me you will be interviewed in my house and will go from there and will see how everything goes. note: recruits/members must be active on play station home. If your off for 20-30 days or more we will delete you. so there's your heads up : you have been told/warned before joining us. we will explain our rules and reqrements once you deside to join us. Note: we are a brotheren.if there are any questions then please do message my psn user on the ps3. or message me on the play station site thank you and hope to have you aboard with us. sincerely CARLOS-NY-NINJA aka BOSS-RE-DEMPTION
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Re: Recruiting

Jul 18, 2012
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Jul 19, 2012

Hello every i am shynat100 the head comander of this fam i help guide people to the right dirction we are strong and prowerful LOD will get stronger every  day and will never stop.We will put our hands up in the air and say LOD is the best and we will never leave. We will always stick together no matter what anyone says we will have lot of brothers and will grow stronger every day no one will be treated like crap.If your with us we got your back. We will not say mean things to you but if you do bad things to us your kicked and can never join back but for exiption only made by the head boss of the fam.If you want to join a fam add me shynat100 or CARLOS-NY-NINJA or BRAD420star or send me a meassage on this website and i will get back to you as soon as possible thanks from head boss shynat100 peace Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Recruiting

Jul 24, 2012

DR$ members sent to spy or to take back all old members will most likely be rejected. I myself was an old member of DR$ and I will never go back anyway do be honest and tell us if you are a spy or are there to take back old members of another clan, fam, or club. We will be judges in your recruiting we will ask questions, talk it over, and decide if you are fit for the fam.

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