Jan 08 2013
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Recovering a old PSN for Battlefield 3.

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Just recently reaquired BF3. Ive played it when it first came out for a long while and now i got it back.


Problem is i'm having to put in a online activation code to play it online when i clearly played it online before when i had it.


Ive come to the conclusion that i used a Email from either yahoo or AOL to play BF3 only but i can't for my life remember the name of the PSN and or the Email i used......I need to get that account back due to i worked hard on it already and i do not wish to start over and pay the 10 dollars to get a new activation code.


Is there a PSN database where i could possibly type in names of previous characters ive had to maybe get an idea of which one i used?

Or do i have to call customer support for help? (Which i have done and sense i don't have enough information, no help)


If anyone has had this problem before and had it fixed by any means, please let me know so i can get to playing BF3 :] Thank you.

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Re: Recovering a old PSN for Battlefield 3.

Jan 8, 2013

you can look up soldiers on battlelog. it will be the same as the psn name.

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