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Re: Reasons i would not buy a vita As a HUGE sony fanboy (Constructive)

Jan 11, 2013

DistantWords wrote:

Soulcalibur (I always knew it as one word myself), yes.  House of Dead 2, Yes.  But, I had played those games already in the Arcades (man I miss Arcades, GOOD Arcades), and much like Mortal Kombat, I'm pretty sure they were better (back in those days) in the Arcades.

Power Stone?  No, never heard of it in fact.

And yes, I missed out on the Dreamcast itself, other than a few friends I knew who talked about it.  They never had anything more than one or two titles each that they talked about.  And, I doubt I missed much really.  Otherwise, the Dreamcast wouldn't have been Sega's last system...

  It is one word but when you put it together most people have no idea how to pronounce it, similar to MK where people misspell Kombat.  That one is more of a letter thing than the whole word. Dreamcast offered almost to an extent perfect arcade ports of those games, similar for Quake III, that was a PC game. And it was very well done.  If you were there you would have known what you missed, but then again some people had it with sega at that point in time so they also skipped it. The Dreamcast didn't fail because it wasn't a great system or because it didn't have games or because it didn't offer that much it failed for different reasons. 60% of the failure was on sega and their years of mismanaging of their products and 40% was the arrival of the PS2(Everything to do with the PS2,leaked specs, rumors, fake product photos, games and so on).  I've always loved the Dreamcast still have it, have my PS2 and PS1 and other systems. It sucks the way it went down but as with other systems i remember having a great time playing the games.







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