Sep 08 2011
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Really?!?! Question about downloading a movie (Rental)

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So I download a movie last night, for my wife and I to watch.  She falls asleep early on so I had to stop it and told her we had to start it sometime tonight before the point in time I started it last night.  I had assumed we could finish watching it but Oooh Noo you have to watch it completely within 24 hours if you start it.  If you start it again 23 hours later guess what, after an hour your movie stops!?!?!?

so Ive already established that for 5.99 this is a ripoff, however we were both enjoying the movie very much so we paid another 5.99 thinking that since it was already downloaded to the machine that we would be able to pay for it and fire it back up

Now it wants me to REDOWNLOAD 4GB of data again when the movie is sitting right there on my HDD?!?

someone please tell me there is something im overlooking or some way around this??   God willing if there is not, sony please fix this, thats nuts and retarded at the same time!!

anyhow we both work very very early so any insight will be more than appreciated!!!

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Re: Really?!?! Question about downloading a movie (Rental)

Sep 8, 2011

Try going to the movie and pushing triangle; there may be an option to re-activate it.  I don't know for sure, I've only watched free ones because yes, it is too expensive, especially just for 1 day.

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